Application for the Top 1% Academy


You have a unique opportunity to transform your sales success and join the ranks of the Top 1% Earners through selling in your industry.

Being a part of the Top 1% Academy is available to only a few people – committed individuals who are willing to learn and implement tactics, strategies, and ways of thinking like a Top 1% Earner.

Below you will find a few questions that we would like to ask you before our call. Please answer them clearly and honestly – let us get to know you before our call and have an effective conversation. (The booking link will show up at the end of the application.)

Please click the Start button to begin:


  • Selling your offerings through 1:1 personalized conversation
  • Commitment to learn and take action to move your current revenue from point A to B
  • Open to the idea of being coached even if you are successful today
  • Understand and be willing to invest between $12,500 and $24,000 to achieve your goal

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