Conversion Mastery is a self-study online course for people and companies who want to convert leads into high-paying clients more often and with less effort.

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The specific results that I got with the training actually blew my mind. I started testing pretty much immediately to see what sort of results I would be getting when I start to implement the training each week. Over the three weeks that I did the course, in one of the businesses we managed to generate over $30,000 worth of new business so that's just some of the results that we got.
Mikhail Y

There are two important factors that will bring money into your company and into your pocket. It is your ability to generate leads and the ability to convert them into clients.

If you don’t know how to generate leads, you don’t have people to talk to about your service or product.

If you have leads, but no skills to convert them into clients, they are only leads… not buyers.

In both situations, the effect is the same – no sales, no clients, no money. 

The Conversion Mastery course focuses on teaching time-tested principles on how to convert leads into clients. Not only when you talk to them, but also long before the initial contact, so your close rate will be higher and the sales cycle shorter.

Who this course is for?

During the course I found that I was able to connect with over 15 new clients, and of which two have chosen to engage me, and one of them alone will increase my revenue this year by 50%.
Michelle B

What’s inside of the Conversion Mastery course


Duration: 6 weeks

Your trainer

Doug C. Brown - Sales Revenue and Profit Growth Expert

Doug C. Brown is the CEO of CEO Sales Strategies (formerly Business Success Factors) and creator of the CEO Sales Strategies Academy, where he trains people and companies how to achieve sales success at the top 1% globally.

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Frequently Asked Questions

After buying, you will have access to the content immediately. If for any reason you don’t see an email from us with your login information, please send us an email at

The course is designed to be accomplished in 6 weeks for fast results. The video content, checklists, quizzes, and workbooks will be available to you any time you need them – during these 6 weeks, and after.

Yes. This course is designed for people who are serious about converting more leads into clients.

The pre-course assessment will allow you to identify where you are today and see the blind spots that impact your current sales conversion. Filling out the pre-course assessment will open access to the course modules.

Quizzes after each section will help you to verify your understanding of your knowledge so the implementation of it will be easier and faster. They are in the form of a few 3-5 multiple choice questions based on the module content. Passing them at a minimum of 60% will open the next video. You can retake the quiz as many times as you need.

After finishing and submitting all the course modules, exercises, and the post-course assessment, it will be granted to you automatically. 

Knowledge is power, but knowledge without implementing it is useless. We want to increase your chance for sales success and accountability is a crucial component of it. We send accountability emails with a real person behind them, who monitors your progress and reads your responses.

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