Can you relate to any of the following questions?


The following statement is bold but true:

The number one reason you can relate to the above questions is that YOU DO NOT KNOW YOUR IDEAL BUYER the way you should.

How do we know? This year (2024)...


The top 5 challenges of anyone selling in 2024 are:



YOU DO NOT KNOW YOUR IDEAL BUYER the way you should.

If you are off by just one percent what happens?

Think of it this way.

If you’re going somewhere and off course by just one degree, after one foot, you’ll miss your target by 0.2 inches. Trivial, right?

But what about as you get farther out?


So what about if you do not know your buyer or influencer and you are off by one percent?

If you don’t know your buyer or the influencers involved with them, then you will keep facing the same challenges over and over again and lose sales to your competitors.

The only way to win the game of sales and grow sales revenue is to be very clear on:


the foundation of every sale
and sales revenue growth of your business

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