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Date: May 16th Time: 10 am ET (45 minutes)

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Doug C. Brown Sales and Sales Revenue Growth Expert with over 40 years of experience in selling, training and advising individuals and companies on how to double their sales and work with leverage. Built over 34 businesses. His efforts have collectively generated over 800 million dollars in sales—his last client generated 3 million dollars in new sales in 5 weeks, and had an increase in revenue of 15 million dollars in the past 5 years.

Ever find yourself thinking? 

  • “I want more new sales, better quality buyers, and easier ways to get them!”
  • “I want to attract high-quality buyers.”
  • “I want a steady stream of high-paying clients.”
  • “I want to work smart, not just hard, so I have time for other passions without sacrificing my family time.”
  • “It is tough to find the right clients who see the value in what I offer and with ease are willing to pay for it.”
  • “I need systems that work without me having to watch over everything.“
  • “Keeping my pipeline filled with consistent buyers is unpredictable.”
  • “What do I do to make myself stand out as the number one choice, so buyers quickly decide to do business with me and me only?”

Join this workshop and discover how to Increase Your Sales Revenue by 50% or More!

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What others are saying about working with Doug C. Brown …


“My confidence is now through the roof. My questioning skills flow eloquently. I guide the conversation and I achieve the outcome I am looking for. “


“I know how to sell to corporations, small-size business owners, individuals. I sell big tickets from hundreds of dollars to hundreds of thousands of US dollars”.


“I have more clarity and confidence. Clients seem to be raining out of the sky, coming to me. I am moving with the contract for a client that is upwards of $300,000”.


“Six people I talked to gave me their money. I am a month in (the training) and I feel that I am rocking and rolling in ways I thought I would never be able to

I have attended sales programs and a lot of coaching programs, but the training with Doug was really special because I learned a lot of information that I had never ever heard before. I got three specific results. Number one, confidence. Number two, forward momentum. The third result was I got three brand new clients right away.
Jim and Jackie Moray
I’m an incredibly technical person and not a very good salesperson. I found that the structure put together worked really well. I was able to apply those learnings from the training immediately into my workplace, and also with building my business and building my client base. Subsequent to the program, I’ve had an incredible engagement. I’ve got a large number of referrals.
David Thorpe
It allowed me to look at the client's needs, their wants, and truly understand their problem, so I can help them with a solution. During this course I realized that I was looking for people that weren't looking for me. Once I found my focus, I was able to connect with over 15 new clients, of which two have chosen to engage me, and one of them alone will increase my revenue this year by 50%.
Michelle Bassett
The training delivered by Doug actually blew my mind. Over the three weeks that I did do the course we managed to generate over $30,000 worth in new business. its world class training delivered by a world class trainer, it's just so simple, common sense, with strategies that can be implemented easily. If followed through and acted upon, results can be seen within the next meeting with a new client.
Mikhail Yourtaev
As a novice to sales, this was really helpful for me. It gave me lots of ideas and it really built my confidence to go out and do the work that was required during the training. I moved from South Africa to the UK, and I was looking for new prospects and new work. In the training in my second week I secured two contracts, and I had the confidence to actually ask for what I really wanted.
Agnesia Agrella
I was at a place where I'd gotten over the struggle of the first few years building my agency and I was ready for the next stage of growth. The biggest shift in working with Doug was shift in terms of my mindset. I went from a scarcity to an abundance mindset. And now amazing things are happening. Within the next 6 to 12 months based on my pipeline, with multiple deals I'm looking at 50% growth from where I'm at now. I do attribute a lot of that to my work with Doug.
Ben Robertson

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