How do you find your ideal customers and get more of them?

Attend our live interactive online training ("CORE"). This is for people who want to have more sales with ease! Is this you?
If so, take the first step to double your sales by selling to the right fit buyer and influencer. Do you know who they are and what business and personal ROI they absolutely must have or do you think you do?

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Start Date: Apr 27, 2024
Duration: 4 weeks Sessions
Time: Mondays and Thursdays from 10:00 am -11:00 am Eastern (US)
Founding Member investment: $500 (vs $2000)

Have you recently had any thoughts like the ones below?

If so, it’s likely because you are not sure:

  • Who your right buyer is
  • What influences them and why
  • What to offer to them and…
  • How to do so in a way that makes them listen and buy from you

Understanding of the above is the foundation that enables you to attract the right clients, spark interest in your offerings, encourage willingness to invest in what you offer, and ultimately, cultivate happy customers who will refer your business to others.

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Live interactive training

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Our CORE training is specifically designed  to address the specific challenges faced by sales-driven professionals so they can have  strong foundation required for finding, attracting, and converting leads into loyal clients.  

What others are saying about working with us


“My confidence is now through the roof. My questioning skills flow eloquently. I guide the conversation and I achieve the outcome I am looking for. “


“I know how to sell to corporations, small-size business owners, individuals. I sell big tickets from hundreds of dollars to hundreds of thousands of US dollars”.


“I have more clarity and confidence. Clients seem to be raining out of the sky, coming to me. I am moving with the contract for a client that is upwards of $300,000”.


“Six people I talked to gave me their money. I am a month in (the training) and I feel that I am rocking and rolling in ways I thought I would never be able to

I have attended sales programs and a lot of coaching programs, but the training with Doug was really special because I learned a lot of information that I had never ever heard before. I got three specific results. Number one, confidence. Number two, forward momentum. The third result was I got three brand new clients right away.
Jim and Jackie Moray
I’m an incredibly technical person and not a very good salesperson. I found that the structure put together worked really well. I was able to apply those learnings from the training immediately into my workplace, and also with building my business and building my client base. Subsequent to the program, I’ve had an incredible engagement. I’ve got a large number of referrals.
David Thorpe
It allowed me to look at the client's needs, their wants, and truly understand their problem, so I can help them with a solution. During this course I realized that I was looking for people that weren't looking for me. Once I found my focus, I was able to connect with over 15 new clients, of which two have chosen to engage me, and one of them alone will increase my revenue this year by 50%.
Michelle Bassett
The training delivered by Doug actually blew my mind. Over the three weeks that I did do the course we managed to generate over $30,000 worth in new business. its world class training delivered by a world class trainer, it's just so simple, common sense, with strategies that can be implemented easily. If followed through and acted upon, results can be seen within the next meeting with a new client.
Mikhail Yourtaev
As a novice to sales, this was really helpful for me. It gave me lots of ideas and it really built my confidence to go out and do the work that was required during the training. I moved from South Africa to the UK, and I was looking for new prospects and new work. In the training in my second week I secured two contracts, and I had the confidence to actually ask for what I really wanted.
Agnesia Agrella
I was at a place where I'd gotten over the struggle of the first few years building my agency and I was ready for the next stage of growth. The biggest shift in working with Doug was shift in terms of my mindset. I went from a scarcity to an abundance mindset. And now amazing things are happening. Within the next 6 to 12 months based on my pipeline, with multiple deals I'm looking at 50% growth from where I'm at now. I do attribute a lot of that to my work with Doug.
Ben Robertson

Here's how we turn your struggles into strengths
You will:


Meet your trainer: Doug C. Brown

Doug C. Brown is the CEO of CEO Sales Strategies and a Sales Revenue and Profit Growth Expert. He is the creator of the Top 1% Academy, where he teaches on how to think, act, and achieve sales success like the top 1% of earners.

Doug has coached, consulted, and advised companies and thousands of people in business including Enterprise-Rent Car, Nationwide, Intuit, Proctor and Gamble, and CBS Television. Doug also served as an independent President of Sales and Training for Tony Robbins, Chet Holmes, and Russ Whitney, where he raised the close rate of the sales presenter teams by 157%, as well as increased sales for one product line by 4150% in his first six months of taking over, which resulted in tens of millions of dollars in extra sales over time.

His sales acquisition and sales revenue growth skills have helped him to:

Today, Doug helps people become better at influencing, persuading, and selling to CEOs, business owners, or entrepreneurs (regardless of what their product or service is) and at a level that they never thought was possible. He demonstrates what the tools, behaviors, and traits of the top 1% earners are and how to implement them into daily activities. He believes that most people have the personal power and potential to be at the top 1% of earners, but lack the tools and knowledge of how to achieve this.

Questions you might be asking…

Sales-driven individuals and companies. While every person who sells needs to be aware of what is required to attract and convert prospects into buyers, most of our clients are selling high-ticket items to CEOs, business owners, and entrepreneurs through personalized communication. This includes business coaches, consultants, advisors, trainers, independent sellers, agents, or independent sales representatives.

Being a founding member means that you will receive special benefits in exchange for a video testimonial after finishing the program.

We decided to introduce the knowledge we have been using with private training or consulting clients to a broader audience. While the program’s process is not new, it uses AI support to make it faster and more efficient. It’s a combination of traditional methods and AI tools, as this is the only way to ensure that you will get accurate information.

Founding Member benefits: 

    • Investment – $500 vs $2000
    • Free pass for one more CORE training editions
    • Special discounts for programs teaching how to double sales and commissions
    • Additional Q&A sessions, if required. 

Funding Member obligation:

    • Participate in 90% of training sessions
    • Do work based on the thought process
    • Within two weeks of finishing the training, schedule an interview with one of our team members for feedback and testimonials.

NOTE: If you fail in any of the above, you agree to be charged an additional $1000 as a Non-Founding Member. (We still give you a $500 discount from our regular investment.)

  • Four weeks of interactive sessions (Monday/Thursday 10:00 am – 11:00 am ET)
  • Comprehensive workbook
  • AI prompts and instruction for effective research using ChatGPT
  • Accountability progress tracking

NOT included: 

  • ChatGPT account
    Please make sure that you have a ChatGPT account set up before the first training session – we recommend the paid version, which is $20/month. 

  • Recordings

We do not provide free recordings. This is an interactive training with homework after each session, which is required for the content of the next session. We want you to participate live, as many studies have shown that live training creates more engagement and determination to do the required work, as well as helps to accomplish things faster compared to recorded-only training. If you want recordings as an additional tool, you can purchase them for an investment of $199. All you need to do is notify us about your desire to obtain the recordings once the training starts.

You probably could figure this out on your own. That being said, be aware that this process takes time. When you are following a proven process, it takes at least three times less time to do things compared to figuring things out on your own and making sure that the efforts bring results. Can we assume that the reason you are on this page is that your current sales and marketing efforts aren’t bringing satisfying results? If yes – then that’s why you need this training 🙂

If you can’t commit, don’t join. We are not here to put things on your plate, but to help you gain clarity so you can run your sales-driven business better and have more time and money in the future.

In life, you have to make trade-offs. If the 4-week training could help you increase the probability of finding qualified prospects for your offerings who are willing to talk with you and buy from you, will that be worth your time? 

If yes – then you will find a way to commit to regular sessions. 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but there is a process that every person and company must understand to adjust to their unique business needs. We provide the process and the “how” to work with it so you can create a solution tailored to your situation. We have experience working with businesses from all different industries and on different levels, so during our sessions, we provide tailored feedback if you ask for it.

We understand the hesitation and the feelings it can trigger when considering our training.  We’ve been in that situation, too, and it’s not fun when you feel like your money wasn’t spent well. To avoid that – we do make a guarantee – if you follow our process, show up to 95% of classes, do your homework on time (accountability is part of the program), and still don’t see progress, we will refund you your money. 

When it comes to tangible results like documenting who your ideal buyer is, what they value, what they are willing to pay, what you can deliver based on your expertise, defining or redefining your offers based on this, and having a clear sales plan to hit your financial goals, these will happen with every session you attend and every time you complete homework. 

If you are talking about tangible results like money coming into your business, the speed of it always depends on you. Some people who went through our training put the knowledge into action during the first two weeks and won sales immediately. Some put the knowledge into action a little later, or their sales and marketing process was longer, and they saw results a little bit later. 

Please understand that the knowledge you get here is the foundation that makes the marketing and sales processes work for you.  Some people need only small adjustments, and some need to define things from the beginning. In both cases, the more clarity you have, the more results you will have as soon as you put things into play. For some, it’s about getting more responses and more interest in your solutions as a first step; for some, it is using that information during the sales conversation to convert prospect into clients faster and easier. 

For those who want to continue gaining skills for better prospecting, selling, and using sales revenue growth strategies for leverage, we offer the continuation through our Top 1% Academy, which focuses on helping you double your sales. CORE training is the very first step that can’t be skipped. If you choose to continue your journey with us, your investment in the CORE training will be credited to the Academy. 

Clarity is speed to higher close rates and working smarter.
Pinpoint your target buyer with laser precision, and watch your sales flourish.

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