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Watch the entire video to learn more about how you can join the ranks of Top 1% Earners through selling. 

About the Academy

The Top 1% Academy is your exclusive ticket to mastering the art of selling like the elite 1% earners. Our mission is to empower you to reach that elite status.

Now, take a moment to ponder your life’s most significant goals. Is it owning a dream home, jetting off on that dream vacation, securing your child’s education, planning a fairy-tale wedding, achieving financial independence, building lasting wealth, building retirement funds, or simply making your loved ones proud?

Whatever your ambition, the Top 1% Academy equips you with the timeless skills to ensure that, come what may in the world of business or the economy, you possess the unwavering ability to generate income at your desired level. With this confidence, you’re primed for success.

Who Is the Academy For?

The Top 1% Academy is designed for solo entrepreneurs, business owners selling their own services, and sales professionals. If your role involves engaging in conversations with potential buyers to make sales, this Academy is tailor-made for you.

If you manage a sales team, consider enrolling them in our program for even greater success.

What Will You Learn Inside?

What's the Academy Experience Like?

Within the Academy, it’s not just about absorbing knowledge; it’s about putting it into action through immersive live-fire practice (role-plays). You’ll also apply and integrate your newfound expertise directly to sell your own services or products. Engage in discussions about your real-world sales scenarios, receiving expert guidance to smooth out your deal flow and enhance your closing skills.

While you’re with us, expect accountability to ensure you’re taking the right steps toward your goals. Plus, being part of a like-minded community provides you with invaluable support and motivation, making the journey toward your goals smoother while allowing you to build valuable connections along the way.

How Long is the Academy?

The Top 1% Academy comprises two components: Core and Leverage.


The CORE program lays the foundation for all sales at the Top 1% Earner level. It involves gaining a clear understanding of your ideal buyer on both a business and personal level. This clarity will enable you to communicate with your potential buyers in a manner that they resonate with, so you can gain more trust and win more sales. 

During the 5-week program, expect to meet twice a week for group sessions. We’ll master topics such as identifying your ideal buyer, creating a value-based offer, refining your message and pitch, and setting and achieving financial targets so you can act and predict your actions accordingly.

Upon successfully completing CORE, you may be invited to apply for the ‘Leverage’ component of the Academy.

Attempting to leverage something without a solid foundation is akin to building on weak ground, and you must have solid ground to build your sales future upon if you want to be a 1% earner.


Leverage teaches you how to implement the knowledge gained in CORE to close more sales, and allows you to achieve more with less effort. It’s about mastering conversion conversations and understanding all leverage points to maximize returns on your time, energy, and monetary investments. By focusing on leverage points, you can close more sales with ease, deepen relationships, increase buying frequency, attract new clients, enhance transactional value, extend your reach, and expedite closure times.

Leverage is a 6-12-month program. You’ll meet three times a week with each session lasting 45 minutes, and delve deep into various leverage points and hone your sales skills through role-play exercises with personalized feedback. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to discuss your own real-life selling scenarios and deal flows.

The entire program is strengthened with an accountability process, so you can succeed in achieving the financial targets you set for yourself. 

What's the Investment and how can I be a part of the Top 1% Academy?


The investment: $500

To join CORE please click the button below. 

The Next Core program starts in January 2024.  Meetings will be conducted on Mondays and Wednesdays at 11 am ET. Please reserve up to 90 minutes. 

Leverage and Mastery

The investment ranges between $6,800 and $14,400. 

To be considered part of the Leverage and/or Mastery please click the button below, answer application questions, and book your interview. 

About Doug C. Brown

Doug C. Brown is the CEO of CEO Sales Strategies and a Sales Revenue and Profit Growth Expert. He is the creator of the Top 1% Academy, where he trains on how to sell to buyers, whether they be CEOs, business owners, or entrepreneurs, and how to be in the top 1% of sales earners doing so.

He started his entrepreneurial journey when he was 3 years old, helping in his family’s business by sweeping floors for 25 cents per week. His experiences at his family’s business led to him starting and building over 35 companies.

His sales acquisitions and sales revenue growth skills have helped him to:

Today, Doug helps people sell more than they ever thought possible by becoming better at influencing, persuading, and selling to others (regardless of what their product or service is). He demonstrates what the tools, behaviors, and traits of the top 1% earners are and how to implement them into daily activities.

What others are saying about working with Doug C. Brown …


“I have more clarity and confidence. Clients seem to be raining out of the sky, coming to me. I am moving with the contract for a client that is upwards of $300,000”.


“My confidence is now through the roof. My questioning skills flow eloquently. I guide the conversation and I achieve the outcome I am looking for. “


“I know how to sell to corporations, small-size business owners, individuals. I sell big tickets from hundreds of dollars to hundreds of thousands of US dollars”.


“Six people I talked to gave me their money. I am a month in (the training) and I feel that I am rocking and rolling in ways I thought I would never be able to.”

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